Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer According to Humphrey

Dear Students at Glen Rose Intermediate,

I had so much fun reading, The World According to Humphrey with you I don’t want the FUN FUN FUN to end this summer. I asked Mrs. Mapes to get this book so we could keep up our adventures. Get a reading journal and make notes so you will remember everything and you can share on the blog or when school starts. I HOPE HOPE HOPE you will log onto my blog and write about your reading this summer. My blog can be found at http://grisoneschoolonebook.blogspot.com/.  I also will be living at the school this summer so I can help with the summer reading. Please come visit me or I may get a little lonely! Mrs. Mapes said that I might even get to visit a few school friends over the weekend if they REALLY REALLY REALLY read and participate on the blog! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY reading everyone. I can’t wait to see you in you in August.

Your Friend,


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